Wigs for Medical Hair Loss


Wigs for cancer and medical hair loss

A wig helps you maintain a positive self-image during chemotherapy or medical treatments. If you lose hair due to a medical-related hair issue, many health insurance plans cover all or part of the wig cost.

Hair is an incredible form of self-expression, and hair loss can strike an especially crippling blow to those fighting cancer and enduring medical conditions. A recent study revealed that nearly 60 percent of women consider hair loss the most dreaded side effect they face when undergoing chemotherapy. Wigs offer a positive and beautiful hair solution to help you feel more comfortable during this delicate time.

When to get a wig

If you are about to undergo chemotherapy, consult with your medical team and ask if you need to prepare for full hair loss. Try to pick out your wig BEFORE your chemotherapy begins. You’ll have more energy. Plus, our stylist will be able to see your natural hair color and style to select the perfect wig solution so you can continue normalcy in your life.

The Mane House provides FREE private consultations to medical patients.

Covering the cost of a wig

Most health insurance companies cover part or all of the cost of the wig if your doctor writes a prescription. If you expect to lose your hair, ask for a prescription for an “extra-cranial prosthesis” (that is, a wig!) to submit to your insurer. Not every company reimburses, but you should try. It is, after all, a remedy to treat a side effect; just as important as any other required medication you take.

The Mane House offers three types of wig options:

Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs

Machine-made, lasts 6 months

Delivery time: 1 week
Price range: $200.00 to $250.00

A full wig in sizes ranging from petite to large, with a wide variety of color to choose from. This type of hairpiece is constructed of cotton wefts to which the hair is sewn, and the hair is made of a synthetic fiber. Retains its original style well, with some limitations to styling changes. For natural looking style, look for wefts close together, and a hairline with slight extension in the sideburn area rather than straight across over the ear.

Synthetic & human hair wigs

Synthetic & human hair wigs

Pre-custom, lasts 12 months

Delivery time: 1 week
Price range: $500.00 to $1500.00

Pre-custom cranial prostheses are made for individuals with little or no hair. They are monotop with machine made back and 2 to 3 hairs per knot to duplicate naturally grown hair. The hairline has built-in recessions and accommodated sideburns. Pre-custom prostheses are made of soft, cool polyester net for a comfortable fit. Built-in areas for application of tape and/or medical adhesive offer added attachment security.

Human hair wigs

Human hair wigs

Full-custom, longer lasting

Delivery time: 10 to 16 weeks
Price range: $1500.00 to $5000.00

A mold taken of the head makes a full-custom cranial prostheses. The hairpiece is hand constructed for an exact fit. A variety of materials (nylon, polyurethane, monofilament silicon etc.) are used. The human hair can be matched to your hair texture and color. The front hairline is virtually undetectable and security is maximized with medical adhesive, in addition to the other types of tape and clip attachments.

Your FREE wig consultation

The Mane House provides private, complimentary consultations to medical patients that include: reviewing your options and styles; taking measurements of your head; and matching your hair color. Call The Mane House to schedule your FREE medical wig consult: 802-860-1099

Woman with gray colored wigWhat is a cranial prosthesis?

A cranial prosthesis is a hair system designed specifically for those suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions. These prostheses contain fabrics and compounds that create natural looking hair growth patterns and a natural looking scalp. All materials are designed to provide maximum comfort.

If it is due to medical-related hair loss, many health insurance plans cover all or part of the cost of a hair replacement. Please refer to your insurance policy. We provide qualifying medical insurance receipts.

Our consultations are private and confidential so you can feel at ease to ask questions and try on different prostheses in a one-on-one environment. We will review each of your options and guide you in making a decision that matches your natural style and color as closely as possible. We also have a private room for you to try on scarves and turbans.