Lynn wearing a natural wig by The Mane HouseMy name is Lynn, I am 62 years old and this is my hair loss story.

I have always considered myself a VERY healthy person. Then, a career decision I made in my life changed everything. This is why I wear a natural wig created by Lynn at The Mane House.

I had worked for many years in special education and wanted a change in my life by working for a garden company. Then I started thinking that I wanted something a bit easier that would ease me in to retirement. So I decided to work for a doctor who cared for ovarian and uterine cancer patients. He provided chemo for these women.

I worked there for about a month when I started to lose my hair. I am talking about HUGE clumps of hair — as if I were receiving chemo. I even developed a rash on my head (side effect of chemo), along with becoming very nauseous. Some days I had to stop on my way home because I was so sick.

I had a biopsy of my scalp, which determined my auto immune system had kicked in, and it was reacting to something. “What?” I asked my dermatologist! She said that is a million dollar question you will never know.

My hair was long and naturally curly. But by the second month of working at this doctors office, I had very little of my own hair left.

Lynn a client of The Mane House has Alopecia, permenant hair loss

Around my second month of working there, I was in our weekly staff meeting and he (Dr.) mentioned that there were chemo fumes ALL over the inside of the building. As soon as I got home that evening I emailed the EPA and they said I needed to contact the Vermont Health Department. I did. They interviewed me immediately and requested that VOSHA go in there right away.

I recently started seeing Lynn at The Mane House and instantly formed a bond with her. She has positive energy and is so warm, loving and compassionate. Lynn makes me feel special and good about myself. She helped find the perfect wig that I feel comfortable wearing, one that makes me feel like me — the lady I used to be.

My GP said I needed to physically stop working in that environment, and to get out of there, which I did.

VOSHA spent a month investigating the office after I left. VOSHA determined the doctor mishandled the chemo while mixing and administering it along with improper ventilation. The fresh air vent that was over my head was adjacent to where the hood vented the chemo mixing and blew it over my head.

By this time I purchased my first wig (not a nice one) from some non-accredited business. It was a horrible experience, and the lady didn’t care about me at all.

Needless to say, this entire life-changing event was the most traumatic thing to ever happen to me. More than once I considered taking my own life. Thank the Lord for a very special man in my life, my husband, and my grandchildren. The thought of leaving them behind with the memory of me doing such a thing stopped me. This all began 9 years ago. My hair has never grown back and I am now categorized as having Alopecia.

I recently started consulting about my hair loss with Lynn at The Mane House and instantly formed a bond with her. She has so much positive energy, and is so warm, loving and compassionate. She makes me feel special and good about myself. She helped me find a natural wig that makes me feel so comfortable. A wig with hair that shows whom I am, the lady I used to be. I am grateful I have my health and am not suffering a serious illness and have a family that shows me how much they love and support me. To have people like this in your life is God’s way of saying, I Love You!