Headwear for cancer and medical hair loss

We have headwear options that patients with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, and other medical conditions can ‘switch things up’ to feel more like themselves.

Even if you wear a wig to cover hair loss at work or when you go out, you’ll want something soft and easy to wear around the house. Hats and scarves are comfortable, look great and make you forget you’re wearing anything. Headwear can make you feel warm or help cool you down.

You can learn to tie scarves in clever, creative ways. Or top a scarf with a dramatic hat. This is your chance to be wild. Whether it’s a large brimmed hat or a tight-fitting beanie, invest in a few exotic hats and take on the role to of being someone famous.

Turbans are another option. Unlike hats, which tend to sit on the upper part of your head, turbans surround your entire head and keep your head nice and warm. The difference between turbans and scarves, they don’t need tying or adjusting — just pull them on.

Chemotherapy and hair loss make hats a must for sun protection, cooling, and lightweight coverage during the summer months. Hats can also be combined with scarves and soft chemo caps to add warmth or more stylish looks.

We carry a complete line of fashionable headwear for you to choose from. Many of them are machine washable, have soft interiors with great stylish looks. Come in, browse and try some on. Or brighten someone’s day and purchase as a gift. We will help you find the color and perfect styles to make you feel better about your self.

Happy hair loss patient wearing hat