Therapro™ Products

mediceuticalsLogo4Midiceuticals Therapro productsWhat is healthy for your follicles…is great for your hair!

For more than 25 years, Therapro™ MEDIceuticals® Laboratories has been a leader in providing FDA approved scalp and skin treatments to professional salons. It is this experience that brings you Therapro™ Thinning Hair Solutions, a unique program for controlling excessive hair loss. And no Animal testing or byproducts

Therapro™ was developed by experienced dermatological scientists utilizing the most advanced pharmaceutical methods and proven herbal medicines. Since 1994, Therapro™ treatments have been used by thousands of satisfied clients in the United States, Canada and Australia. Therapro™ MEDIceuticals® do not cover-up hair and scalp problems, but are developed to prevent them from occurring.

We offer a full line of Therapro hair loss treatments for men and women:

  • TheraRx Antibacterial Pre-Shampoo Treatment™
  • XFolate Dandruff Treatment Shampoo™
  • Solv-X Shampoo™
  • X-Derma Shampoo™
  • Volume Protein Treatment™
  • Strength Hair & Chemical Modifier

Plus, women specific Therapro products:

  • Folligen™ Phytoflavone Shampoo
  • Vitatin™ Phytoflavone Conditioner
  • Cellagen™ Bioactive Follicle Treatment